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Pre-Winter Furnace Tuneup

We can guess that your heating system isn’t on your mind right now. Getting a heating system or furnace tuneup BEFORE is the best way to guarantee it performs well all winter long.

Let’s dig into what the cold does to your furnace and why you need to make sure its prepared.

Cold Weather vs Your Heating System

For you, cold winter weather entails wearing a scarf and feeling grateful you opted to buy the heated seats for your car.

For your heating system, though, cold winter weather means four to five straight months of battle against frigid temperatures. What’s more, the first cold day is the hardest of the entire winter. That’s why 40% of all heating systems that will die, do so on the very first cold day.

Schedule a heating system or furnace tuneup before winter.

When you opt out of heating system tune-up, any one of dozens of sensitive components can breakdown — from your boiler or furnace pilot light to fans and compressors.

And all it takes is one failed component to leave the entire system unresponsive. Then you and your family are left weathering the cold weather.

In short, when you wait until the outdoor temperature plunges below freezing to turn up the thermostat, the fight of your heating system’s life sneaks up on it without warning.

Get a Heating System or Furnace Tuneup

This is our most important recommendation to homeowners. A One Hour heating system tune-up ensures that your system is equipped to make it all winter. Our technicians clean the system top-to-bottom, and remedy normal wear and tear, all while hunting for signs of a possible emergency.

Furnace tuneups can prevent breakdowns and restore efficency.

If there are any components that need fixed or replaced, our technician can swap them out on the spot—long before they break.

When a One Hour tech, gives your heating system a clean bill of health, you can have 100% confidence all winter long.

Run a Test on Your System

If you really don’t want to schedule a tune-up, we can still give you some advice.

Run your heat on an average fall day. Make that your own, non-professional test.

Easing your system back to work is better than the hoping to fire it up in below-freezing temperatures.

While you won’t be able to have 100% confidence in your system, you at least won’t be going in with a total unknown.

What’s more, if your system does fail, it won’t have failed you on the busiest day of the year. You can all but guarantee you won’t need to wait for service.

Heating System Experts

Just like we kept your AC unit running strong this summer, we also specialize in your heating system as well.

One Hour is here to help with your heating system every step of the way:

  • If you want to schedule a preventative maintenance tune-up, we’re glad to help.
  • If you ran your own test, and your system failed, we can provide you a quick repair and help you prepare for the coming winter.
  • Finally, if your system died while the snow is failing, we’re available 24/7 for emergency repairs.

When you start to notice the tell-tale signs of winter, get prepared and do it right.

Just remember, we’re your heating system experts. Contact us to schedule a a furnace tuneup or for emergency repairs.

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