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Ductless Split System

Essentially, a ductless split system, or a mini split, is a single room air conditioner. These wall-mounted units provide the advantages of an integrated HVAC system to a room without duct work. We are the HVAC experts who specialize in ductless split systems.

Ductless Split Systems for Comfort Everywhere

A room without duct work is cut-off from the comfort of your home HVAC system. Since the installation of duct work can prove expensive and complicated, many homeowners opt for the advantages of a ductless split system. A ductless split system brings cooling power of a total cooling system to a previously isolated room. If you’re considering the advantages of a split less duct system, Contact the comfort experts of One Hour Heating & Air Conditioning.

Ductless Split Systems for Energy Efficiency

Ductless split systems represent energy savings for two reasons. One, ductless split systems are smaller and use less energy than a typical forced air system. Two, these systems only cool the necessary space, so you don’t waste energy cooling rooms you’re not using. Finally, upgrading to energy-efficient mini splits can earn homeowners LEED credits.

Ductless Split Systems for Improved Air Quality

When you team with an HVAC professional to employ an Indoor Air Quality strategy, you and your family can enjoy the cleanest home air possible. However, many homeowners neglect that, leaving their ducts a breeding ground for bacteria and dust. Since ductless split systems employ a built-in, multi-stage filtration system, the air from a mini split can often be cleaner than an average HVAC system. Contact the air quality experts at One Hour Heating & Air Conditioning to learn about the advantages of a ductless split system.

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